Electronic tuners

In the BIZZI workshops we tune harpsichords, spinets, clavichords, fortepianos and original pianos everyday. Our daily work has enabled us to select some high quality electronic tuners, with small sizes and low prices. Electronic tuners, by means of a small microphone, pick up the sound produced by the instrument and show its frequency, thus permitting to easily correct the tuning.

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Korg CA-1

Small automatic tuner, very precise and sensitive, with a reasonable price.
15,00 € *

Korg TM-40

Small automatic tuner, very precise and sensitive. Metronome function included.
40,00 € *

Korg OT-120

High performances tuner, with height historical temperaments and a good quality/price ratio.
58,00 € *


High performances professional tuner, 8 octaves range, 16 historical temperaments: equal, Kirnberger-III, Werckmeister-III, meantone, Neidhard (1724), Neidhard (1729), Vallotti, Silbermann (P. Vier), Bruder (P. Vier), Bach (Barnes), Bach (Kellner), Rameau, Lambert (1774), Young (1800), Schlick (H. Vogel), Pythagorean. Other functions available.
465,00 € *

* prices VAT not included