Made-to-measure covers

Hundreds of harpsichords, fortepianos, spinets and harpsichords sent all over the world are the prove of the quality of our transport covers, produced on standard sizes for BIZZI instrument of made-to-measure for any other instrument. Discover the different models.

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Open type cover

An open bottom nylon cover, padded with waterproof and shockproof material, fitted with comfortable handles and securely closed by means of a lace. Unlike the closed type cover, the open type cover can be used to protect the instrument when not used without disassembling its legs. The price varies according to the size of the instrument.

Harpsichords: 350 € * / 500 € *
Spinets: 350 € *
Clavichords: 150 € * / 250 € *
Fortepianos: 500 € * / 600 € *

Closed type cover

A resistant bag made with high resistance nylon, completely closed by a zip, padded with waterproof and shockproof material, with handles for moving the instrument flat or on the spine. br />
Its price is 10% more than the respective open type model.

Light cover

Made of nylon and padded with synthetic fur, this cover is very practical in order to protect the instrument when not in use. We recommend it for theaters and music schools, while at home we propose a nice velvet solution. The price varies to the size of the instrument.

100 € * / 180 € *

Bag for legs, music stand and music scores

Available in three versions: for three, six or eight legs.

200 € *

Bench bag

160 € *
* prices VAT not included

How to order a made-to-measure cover?

If you wish to order a made-to-measure cover for your harpsichord, spinet, clavichord, fortepiano or piano you should send us a paper cutting of the instrument, clearly indicating also the height of the same.

Our packaging

Packing a harpsichord is a very delicate and important operation since no risk of damage whatsoever must be taken during the delivery of your instrument. All our overseas transport are air freighted so that your harpsichord will arrive at destination within a few days, in any Country of the world. The choice of woods and the packaging procedure meet the most severe international requirements, as the wood fumigation and the environmental protection.
The following pictures show the concert for the presentation of a new packaging for a Agusta helicopter and the box assembly for the delivery of a harpsichord to Australia.