French Harpsichord

double manual "Goermans-Taskin"

The original instruments upon which we have based our studies can be rated among the most important harpsichords known in our days.

The “Goermans - Taskin” was originally a Flemish harpsichord that Taskin transformed (ravalement) into a great French instrument. Its bright and sonorous voice makes it particularly suitable for a wide repertoire and for large concert halls.

The 'Blanchet' and 'Hemsch' are harpsichords with a strong personality which increase the range of our D.M. French, offering the musician a wide choice of sounds and timbres.

All instruments are delivered with spare parts, tool box and DVD for their maintenance.

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Listen to this instrument

G. F. Haendel (1685 - 1759) - Prelude from Suite n.5, Eb minor
H. Purcell (1659 - 1695) - Ground
J. P. Rameau (1683 - 1764) - Variation from Gavotta

General Features

  • Compass: F 1 - F 5, 61 keys
  • 2x 8' stops and buff stop
  • Transposition 415 - 440 Hz
  • Case and lid: poplar, fir and beech
  • Six beech legs screwed to the instrument, Louis XVI syle
  • Soundboard: red resonance spruce from Val di Fiemme
  • Soundboard wood grain: Extra Fine
  • Keyboard: spruce, ebony (diatonic keys) and bone (chromatic keys)
  • Jacks: pear wood with delrin or celcon plectra
  • Tuning pins: forged iron, historical type, with hole
  • Strings: red brass, yellow brass and ancient-type iron
  • Brush painting in two colours
  • Gold-leaf bands and mouldings
  • Rose and hinges made of bronze casting
  • Dimensions: 237 x 92 x 31 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg


  • 4' stop
  • First 8' stop, mobile
  • Crow-quill plectra
  • Double transposition 390-415-440 Hz
  • Compass F 1 - G 5, 63 keys
  • Table stand with Louis XVI legs
  • Table stand with Louis XV legs
  • Table stand with columned legs and "crociera"
  • Soundboard painting
  • Personalized decoration
  • Adjustable bench, Louis XVI
  • Adjustable bench, Louis XV or columned
  • Light cover
  • High protection transport cover
  • Bag for legs and music desk
  • Protection cover for stand
  • Bench bag