Italian Harpsichord "Continuo"

This is an important harpsichord which was designed according the typical XVII century Italian manufacturing principles.

It was made in order to meet, not only the requirements of schools and students but also of continuo performers, ensembles and orchestras.

In fact, its strong character, together with the small size and light weight, has given the this model an increasing success and offered many musicians an ideal possibility to approach baroque music.

All instruments are delivered with spare parts, tool box and DVD for their maintenance.

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Listen to this instrument

J. S. Bach (1685 - 1750) - Aria from "Golberg Variations" - first 8'
J. S. Bach (1685 - 1750) - Aria from "Golberg Variations" - second 8'
J. P. Rameau (1683 - 1764) - Rondeau
D. Scarlatti (1685 - 1757) - Sonate, G major
A. Valente (XVI cent.) - "Lo Ballo de l'Intorcia"

General Features

  • Compass: G 1 - E 5, 58 keys
  • 2 x 8' independent stops
  • Transposition 415 - 440 Hz
  • Case and lid: mahogany, poplar and beech
  • 3 beech legs screwed to the instrument, in style
  • Soundboard: red resonance spruce from Val di Fiemme
  • Soundboard wood grain: Fine
  • Keyboard: spruce, Italian boxwood (diatonic keys) and ebony (chromatic keys)
  • Jacks: pear wood with delrin or celcon plectra
  • Tuning pins: forged iron, historical type, with hole
  • Strings: red brass and yellow brass
  • Brush painting in two colours or natural wood
  • Rose: carved wood
  • Dimensions: 185 x 85 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 33 kg