Fortepiano "Stein"

The first great fortepiano maker, whose reputation is linked to the name of Mozart. Stein brings to a very high technical level more than one century of experiences which were started at the time of the inventor of this instrument, Bartolomeo Cristofori.
The Stein is an instrument with a typical XVIII century sound and is ideal to perform music belonging to the great transition period which will lead to the fortepianos of the end of the century.

The construction of the fortepiano was already inspired to the manufacturing principles in use in the factories of the end of that century, in line with the development of the industrial revolution. The Fortepiano Fabrik is an example of the changes that the society was living in those days. In fact, a few decades later we will find more than two hundred factories only in the town of Vienna.
The manufacturing was based on high-level efficiency and working organization, which was the reason of a very interesting quality/price ratio. Today BIZZI insipires his operation to the same methods in order to offer the highest quality at a very competitive price.

All instruments are delivered with spare parts and tool box for their maintenance.

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General Features

  • Compass: F 1 – F 5, 61 keys
  • Pitch: 430 - 440 Hz
  • Case and lid: lime and poplar
  • 4 beech legs screwed to the instrument, in style
  • Soundboard: red resonance spruce from Val di Fiemme
  • Soundboard wood grain: Extra Fine
  • Keyboard: spruce, ebony (diatonic keys) e bone (chromatic keys)
  • Hammers: maple covered by selected leather layers
  • 2 knee levers: sustain (all dampers) and sustain (upper dampers)
  • Moderator: hand lever
  • Tuning pins: forged iron, historical type, with hole
  • Strings: red brass, yellow brass and ancient-type iron
  • Wax finish
  • Dimensions: 212 x 96 x 23
  • Weight: 74 kg